Skill and Technique Matters!

You are trusting someone with your eyes.  Glue can be spilled, eyes can be poked and your lashes can be permanently damaged.  

Poorly trained technicians use their fingers to lift and move your inner eyelids as they place eyelash extensions!  This is dangerous for the health of your eyes.  Dirt, bacteria, germs and toxic ingredients can be introduced to the eye causing infection and unnecessary pain.


Glue and Lashes From Where?

Many lash technicians who are running "SPECIALS" are using harmful chemicals bought from China for $2.00 to use on your lashes!  These are super glue with eyelash labels on them.  These have toxic ingredients that are proven to cause damage, cancer, disease and defects.  Dangerous fumes can develop into instant allergic reactions and eye disease that can develop years later.  Signs that your lash technicians are using poor glue are, burning eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, small growth, blurry vision, foggy sight, seeing spots, itchy eyes, painful eyes, and more.  You only have 2 eyes! Is the loss of your eyesight or damage worth $2.00?  

Instant bad glue sign?  When lash technicians use eye drops!  DO NOT ALLOW ANY TECHNICIANS TO USE EYE DROPS IN YOUR EYES!

Note: The lash extension itself can be dangerous too.  Coated and made from cancer causing chemicals, these rests on your eyes releasing toxic fumes.  Remember all those recalled plastics from China?  Most eyelash CHEAP specials use these glue and lashes to give you those prices.  Many are unlicensed!  


Technician vs Licensed

You cannot be a trained technician, YOU MUST BE LICENSED BY WASHINGTON STATE AS A COSMOTOLOGIST OR ESTHETICIAN to work on your eyelashes.  Estheticians are specifically trained for the face and skin health.  You must do further training to perform eyelash extensions properly.  

With 25 years in pain management, wellness medical spas and cosmetic musculoskeletal dentistry, we bring knowledge, technics and experience. 

We really care about what happens to your eyes and your lashes!